KMS Activator – small KMS to activate Windows Vista / 7/8 / Server 2008 / 2008R2 / 2012 and

KMS Activator - small KMS to activate Windows Vista / 7/8 / Server 2008 / 2008R2 / 2012 and
KMS Activator HEU - small KMS to activate Windows Vista / 7/8 / Server 2008 / 2008R2 / 2012 and Office 2010 VL /
 Office 2013 VL (32 and 64 bit) without the need for emulator
connect to the Internet, you need a whole. NET Framework 4.0. It works without installation of kms activator office 2010 .
and after activation, it leaves no traces in the system. This tool supports
with version 71 VL (Volume License).
kms activator
- How to use:
Click button "Avtivate Vista / 7/8 / Ser VL" to activate Windows.
Click the "Avtivate Office 2010 VL" button to activate Office 2010 VL.
Click button "Avtivate Office 2013 VL" to activate Office 2013 VL.
Click the "Office Retail VL" button to convert Office Retail Edition VOL Edition.- Parameters:
 Check the settings
 W activate Windows Vista / 7/8 / Server
 S Enables 2010/2013 VOL Office
 P install or uninstall the Permanent Service (Keep state of permanent activation)
Changes in version 6.1
-Support Windows 8.1 Preview / Server 2012 R2 Preview
-Fix Some bugs

KMSPico Activator – offline activator products for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. KMSpico is the fastest, safest and easiest way to activate Windows 8.1 and Office 2013. A big plus is that the activator does not require an Internet connection. KMSpico activates a whole new line of Microsoft products Microsoft: Windows 8.1 and Office 2013, including all applications: Visio, Project, etc. Activation takes place automatically in the background, the user need only to run the activator and check the status of activation after a few seconds after starting. Already activated products will not be affected. If You value your time and You don’t want to deal with activation, this method is just what you need.


The program activates:
Windows Vista Bussines/Enterprise
Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9841 All
Office 2010 / 2013
Windows Server 2008/2008R2
Windows Server 2012/2012R2
Windows Server Technical Preview Build 9841 All

Universality (activates: Vista/7/8/8.1; Office 2010/2013; Server 2008/2008R2/2012)
Does not require active user intervention (enough to run the activator).
Simultaneous activation immediately and Windows, and Office.

What’s new in version:
– Fixed Vista Business bug.
– Fixed watermark remover of TP 9860 upgrade from 9841.

Remove WAT Activator for Windows 7 and Windows 8

removewatdownloadRemoveWAT  - windows 7 activator, returns the status of the licensed version and again there is the ability to download and install updates via Windows Update. Also after this activator system without problems will pass any authentication. Will help in those cases in whom the system is locked after the latest Microsoft updates (in particular, KB971033).

Hackers have found an option of bypassing Windows Activation Technologies (WAT) without tweaking the BIOS, and generally without the use of an activation key.
With this method locks the modules SPP (Software Protection Platform) and SLC (Software Licensing Client). And although the 30-day count period of activation may continue the appearance of work, he does not initiate any action.
Its principle of operation is to remove WAT (Windows Activation Technologies).

If for some reason You need to return the original condition of the license the OS, then run RemoveWAT and click "Restore WAT" - all reversible.

1. Close all antivirus and firewalls, run the program with administrator rights;
2. Click "Remove WAT" and wait until you see the message on successful completion of the procedure;
3. A computer restart will occur automatically;
4. All the system is activated.